Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We started the research for this project months ago, based on an idea we first pitched year's ago. Since then we’ve managed to secure some funding, which is totally an unexpected surprise. Awesome. Here’s a big shout out to Dynasport, LLC -- THE shop in downtown Portland to take your MINI to, Cambridge Precision Machining -- high precision CNC machine shop in Portland, OR, and duh duh duh, the US Government. Nice! It's The Department of Labor Federal Grant which is titled "State Energy Sector Partnership: Greening of Oregon’s Workforce." The whole project is still costing quite a bit between; part design and prototyping, tools and components and Chester's burrito addiction (the only fossil fuel involved in the project, btw)....well, we will continue looking for further sponsorship to make sure that this thing gets done right. I mean, we haven't even gotten the batteries yet.

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