Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Present To Earth

Here's a little update. Goodbye engine, hello motor.

There are basically two options when it comes to the motor--AC or DC  (Not talking about the Australian pile of kick-ass).   The former allows regen (regenerative braking) while the latter is much more readily available and doesn’t take as much expertise to get it off the ground.  We’re going with the latter. We will probably burn this one up at some point anyway because we learn to swim by just jumping into the deep end of the pool. (The pool being AC motors, and jumping meaning someone is going to get electrocuted)
    The team says that a 9 inch motor ought to do the trick for what we’re after here, as outlined by the following specs:

The 9 inch motor shouldn’t actually be able to handle 1000A in the real world.  If it could, the MINI transmission (not to mention the tires and front wheel drive) couldn’t.  If you thought torque steer was bad on the R56, I think this might break your arms.


  1. Great blog guys, just for clarification are you going with the latter (DC) motor or former (AC) motor? You mention the pool is AC motors...

  2. Good point, we are using a DC motor for this first conversion.