Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So, we needed a way to mate the new Warp 9 motor to the Getrag on Natasha. I guess that most common way of handling electric conversions is to use an adapter plate specifically designed to mate that motor with the specific transmission. That didn't exist yet, so Tristan and Chester went to work designing one. The transmission is a little larger than most of our parts and presented challenges. We tried a few different methods for measuring the Getrag 6 speed tranny from the MINI and ultimately ended up using all of them.
Tristan and his new Bigass calipers
3D Laser scanner

 Used in conjunction with cardboard cutouts and some ninja origami, the methods worked  the design is done. Now I have been presented with an jpeg of it. The image below shows the new adapter plate overlapping the photo of the transmission.

There are lots of dudes in garages chopping these things out with a hammer and chisel, which is cool--I'm not judging. However, to get the thing dead-nuts, we're relying on a CMM and CNC milling machine to get the two centers exactly lined up. Cambridge Machine is donating some of their machine time to support the project, and I should be able to get over there an get some video of the machining process.

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