Friday, May 27, 2011

All Work and No Play

Since we have so much free time between designing and building this EV MINI. We have been doing some 'experimenting' with other electric MINI's, on a much smaller scale. For instance, Tristan wanted to see first hand how applying additional voltage to a small electric motor would increase the power. So we found a toy RC truck that was pretty weak and turned it into a MINI. Then he wired a larger higher voltage pack to it and secured it with a very high-tech rubber band. You'll see in the video that there was some nice improvement, and the truck made it over the pizza box ramp!

We also had an opportunity to play with electricity before MOTD too. When I heard about the new Modified class in the Dragon Pinewood derby, I thought it was too late to enter. We did get a car just before we needed to leave for the show and I handed the slab of wood to Chester and told him that we needed an electric Pinewood car before our flight the next day. Here is what he came up with...

It is quick. The two 9 volts connected in series give the motor an 18V cappuccino double shot. We can only run it in shots because there is no reason to believe that the motor he used was intended to take that kind of power. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the Pinewood derby at all. After arriving at Fontana and setting up, I lost track of time and missed the race altogether. It did get to make one solo run though and it was fast, and powerful enough to run the course back uphill.

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