Friday, May 6, 2011

Checking Up On The Team

Now that the power plant has been removed and I have lost my ride, I have to keep making sure that the guys in the other office are actually working on getting her running again. This presents an opportunity to introduce the Project Manager: Tristan. He showed up this morning with a new facial haircut we are referring to as a 'C. Nor' after the Walker Texas Ranger star. I noticed that he may actually look more like Ben Stiller's character in Happy Gilmore.
Chester does seem to be getting some stuff done besides shaving, which he clearly isn't into. He's finishing up the design for a custom flywheel which he insists has to be made from unobtainium. The first design plan calls for a new flywheel to allow the Warp 9 motor to be mated to the Getrag transmission from the MINI. As I understand it, they plan to mate the motor directly to differential in another revision of the conversion, but using the transmission will make installation much easier to replicate.
So, I trust things are moving a long and that Tasha will be back on her feet again soon.

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