Thursday, May 5, 2011

ICE Removal

ICE, is part of my new electric vehicle jargon, it refers to the Internal Combustion Engine. Clever, I know, but it did make for a nice title. I do think there was some other direction I could have gone and I don't mind hearing about it in the comments if I missed a good opportunity for a pun.

At the moment we are still lacking a lift (we waited on back order for the one we wanted for about 2 months and it is here but we need some time to get it wired up.) Luckily, Ryan and Ben at DynaSport in Portland offered to help get the engine and transmission out of the way for us in their well equipped shop downtown. Ryan is a MINI owner himself and is very knowledgeable so we are lucky to have their support for this project as one of our first sponsors.

I put together a little video montage of the event. It won't serve for instructions on how to get these components out, and I don't recommend watching it too many times in a row unless you have a trick for getting 80's Video game theme music out of your head. So consult your Bentley manual if you are going to be trying this step out at home. (I do plan on using this blog to post step by step installation instructions for anyone who wants to convert their own MINI. We will also be fabbing up a few extra of each piece that we have to machine in order to make this MINI run sans ICE.) 

You can tell Ryan and Ben made quick work of it, and we had a good time. The camera battery died before the climactic lifting of the engine with the crane, hence the still shots to close the video. Yes, I do see the irony there that the battery died, but the MINI will have a monitoring system to avoid such failures so...there!

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