Friday, September 23, 2011

Back Seats Back, Alright!

Tristan and Chester have gotten the battery pack completely moved underneath the car allowing them to reinstall the back seats. The only EV component that remains inside the vehicle is the one you see in the photo, the charger. That charger should eventually be eliminated all together using a new feature of our new Synkro Motive controller. Leaving the interior looking much like it did when the car was stock.

 This is where all the cells have moved to. When you want the car to still drive like a MINI it is important that you don't add a bunch of weight up high above the belt line and raise the center of gravity. So, we sat all the heavy cells down between the wheels. We removed over 80 lbs by eliminating a full gas tank, and another 40 lbs with no exhaust, but we added 300 lbs with the packs. We'll have to get her on the scales to find out for certain, but we think that despite the extra 180 lbs of batteries in back there may have been no net weight gain because of the lighter motor vs engine.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The batteries have been working out well. All the cells have been charging and discharging as Tristan and Chester expected during testing over the last few weeks. Now, it is time to move them to a new home. We have battery boxes they designed to take up the space recently vacated by the gas tank, and also the area where the exhaust was. The picture above shows the 31 cells that will reside in the 'Tank Pack'.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New In Box

Some of the components could handle a little moisture, but especially in Portland we want to be ready for the rains of fall and winter and spring (it rains a lot here). Consequently, we needed a good housing for the controller and DC->DC converter. The box will have a clear cover soon, but here is how it is looking today.