Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just your Average Hwy Speed

I can't just start posting here without addressing the fact that is has not been a few weeks, or even months, since I last posted here. It has been well over a year. The fact is, the build had gotten much less exciting.

During those first few weeks we spent long days and night speeding through the conversion of the MINI. Designing new parts, spinning the wheels for the first time and quickly moving onto spinning them in the parking lot with a lot of smoke. Once we had gotten through the first 80% of the work, the last 20% is more calculated. Changes occurred and breakthroughs were had, but the pace was slowed.

These days, the MINI is just another car. We plug it in, we drive it, we bring it back. That is how we are testing it to make sure that is holds up to the rigors of everyday life. People have asked me how it is going, and I felt like this photo I snapped of Tristan driving her on the highway was somewhat indicative of the progress. She just works.

So, you know the ending now. I will try to work backwards and show you how we got there. Watch for more updates as we work back to the future.

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