Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Engauge MINI OBD Gauges

This will be our first in a series of upcoming (quickly) updates on our OBD Gauges we've named EnGauge. We thought our customers who were interested in the Electric MINI would be interested in this as well. This is our electronics assembly phase, and as you can see things are coming along well. With new products and processes come speed bumps, and we're happy to give you a glimpse into the research and development of this product as we lead up to our release. 

The tentative retail price will be $599 for the MINI EnGauge Kits. (two gauges, plus the FlexPod mounting equipment).  The only way to know if the coffee is sweet is to take a drink, so we're testing our electronics assembly on several vehicles, stay tuned for more details. 

If you're interested in information (and pre-sale) via email, you can sign up here! 
(All information with be OBD Gauge Specific, even if you're already on our mailing list!)

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