Wednesday, December 18, 2013

nGauge Packaging

Keeping you in the loop on every aspect of product development; we can't leave out the packaging. We're finalizing a box insert made on our 3D printer we prepare to send out the first nGauge soon. Labels are in, boxes are in, and we're printing new inserts as fast as we can!

We have had some setbacks in the production run of the gauges, but the issues have been resolved and we are still working toward the first shipments leaving tomorrow. The entire initial run is sold out, but the secondary production will not be too far behind. Some of those with orders in the queue have been kind enough to offer to wait for the second batch. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

We appreciate your interest in this new product and are offering a coupon code for $100.00 off.
Use code MINInGAUGE at checkout until Jan 15th. 
(Case Sensitive)


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